Decra Roofing

Decra Roof Systems was founded in the UK and Ireland in 1977 when the company introduced the world’s first lightweight roof tile – the Decra tile. This revolutionary new product combined great strength with very low weight, offering the benefits of:


Decra lightweight roof tiles comprise a core of galvanised steel with a multi-layered protective coating and granular finish, offering the appearance of traditional clay or concrete pantiles combined with exceptional performance characteristics. Decra tiles are proven on many types of newbuild and refurbishment projects.

Applications in both the public and private sectors include housing, industrial, retail, commercial, educational, healthcare, modular build, leisure, secure buildings and MOD. They have demonstrated their durability and security in all kinds of conditions, from Canada’s sub-zero temperatures and high winds to the hot, humid, salt laden air of the Maldives.

Over twelve million square metres of Decra tiles have been installed in the UK and Ireland since the company was launched in 1977. That’s enough metal tiles to roof 183,000 average terraced houses.

The world’s first and most popular lightweight tile, they are manufactured on four continents and sold in over 70 countries.

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